HOT COFFEE is a Black & Native American, Women owned Coffee Brand based in Westside Atlanta (GrovePark). Founder and owner Kat, realized that her beloved GrovePark neighborhood was void of a speciality coffee shop to support local creatives, legacy residents and a space for placemaking. Kat grew up the daughter of a small business owner that created workforce opportunities for his predominately black community.        
Kat has continued her fathers legacy of supporting her local community through job creation, serving cups of HOT COFFEE, Espresso's and Latte's along with community focused conversations, trends in coffee as well current events in throughout the City of Atlanta. HOT COFFEE is proud to be known as ATLANTA'S HOMETOWN COFFEE.    
Our ask is to help us secure funds to offset our recent increase in rent at our beloved Bankhead Coffee location. We would like to raise enough to create our own home that will shelter us from continued increases in rent. Our current monthly obligation threatens our financial ability to keep our doors open in the future.